There is No Syllabus for Life

There is No Syllabus for Life

I liked this post very much and so I thought I would reblog this (taking into account my last post was on education). It’s written by Sam Vail and you might as well like it…


This is the huge problem I have with our school system and college nowadays. Kids are told exactly how to succeed from the day they go to kindergarden to when they graduate college. I had a 3.9 GPA in college and I was in the honors program, not because I was the smartest but because I realized that on the first day of class the teacher would give us this thing called a syllabus that basically gave me the roadmap to an A. It wasn’t about actually learning, it was about getting an A. So thats what I would do, I would do exactly what was on the Syllabus and I would get an A. “Wow Sam you are doing such a great job in school!” The problem is we show kids exactly how to succeed from kindergarten on, which tells them that its not ok to fail because we…

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