Life – A 4 lettered word that signifies your whole existence. Amazing… well not amazing, interesting isn’t it ?

It starts all from a competition inside the mother’s uterus, where among millions of sperms only 1 (2 sometimes) gets attached to the egg. (Yeah, this line is copied from the movie ‘3 idiots’, but fascinating isn’t it ?). And then, that small zygote grows into a human being million times its size and by what method ? by dividing and redividing…: Another amazing thing …

Well, you might think I am becoming mad, but that’s the best part of life; see the amazing things of nature even though they seem very natural to you. You are now reading this but think of all the processes that are involved to get this message delivered to you hundreds or thousands of kilometers across the earth. Brilliant, Amazing… Ever wondered about these things ? I have and they are so interesting that sometimes I think how did people even think these things could be made. Even if you know how the processes were made, (and are now considering me to be an idiot) think how difficult it would have been to invent these things 50 years ago. That’s the amazing part of life. We are given the ability to think which no animal can and that’s why every man-made thing that we see now exists.

Now, since you have come into existence, have you ever thought why was I born? What was I made for ? If you have then it’s great. And if you haven’t just pause for 2 minutes and think about it… You might have got an answer (which maybe in the right direction or maybe in the wrong direction) or you haven’t. If you have got any interesting say on this then do write in the comment section. Well, I wrote this post to write what I think about what life is.

Every person was given birth to fulfill certain needs and aspirations. Yeah, there is some need for you in this hugely populated world, otherwise what is the need for increasing the population ? (Of course, one is born when people indulge in sexual activities but that’s not the reason why you were born, that’s the process of how to bring someone to this world for fulfilling some aspirations and needs of the people.)

The first aspiration is that of the parents. Your parents need you at some point of time just like you needed your parents while you were an infant till you grew up into a young adult. The reason for every activity that they do is due to the fact that they care for you. Well, seems like I am giving instructions but just think about it and you will realize the fact. And they are also human beings and so they have also done mistakes just like you, so don’t be angry with them.

The second job that we must do (being a citizen of any nation) is to do something for our homeland. Today, hundreds of young (Indian) adults are going to foreign countries for higher education and jobs never to return again (exceptions are there). Don’t they realize that their homeland had provided them shelter and food and given them the primary education, things which no other country would. So, why not try to do something for our homeland rather than just helping other countries who don’t care about you but want to extract the maximum benefit out of you ? If you say there is no work here, then I say create work. Why should you try to find yourself work and not create fields so that others can work under you. Why be the employee and not try to be the employer for those who can’t create work themselves ? And I have some awesome and inspiring tales of people who became businessmen and who came from a small peasant family.

The third responsibility is towards the earth. Had there been no earth then there would be no life. But we never realize this and are using the resources indiscriminately just for money. And what would be the end result? No life would be able to exist on this earth.

The fourth responsibility is to do something good for human beings, for the society. There are people who live their lives, enjoy every moment and then pass away into oblivion. What’s the use ? There is no greatness in being happy and enjoying life but there is greatness in helping others, those who never got the chance to get benefits like you, those who could become great people but couldn’t because society didn’t stand by them, when they needed it the most (I am talking of poor people). Stand by them help them out and do anything good for humanity.

Well, I don’t want to go on adding responsibilities but I feel that these are the basic things that we must do. The last thing I think to do is to become great. The life cycle of most common people is almost same. No one thinks to do something to be remembered by the people. We give so many tests in our life but the result of the test of what life we led is produced after we die. The number of people who will remember us even after death shows what life we led. Take the example of any great person. We remember him/her after even 50 or 100 or maybe more years. And I must say he has passed the test of his life. One request before ending this post, Please don’t think that being a terrorist would make you famous and become great. Become famous by doing something for humanity.

So, the life awaits you, it yearns to see you become a great person who has his own principles and theories, who thinks rationally, who works to serve humanity and who makes this world a better place to live in. Hope to hear from you and would like to see your comments.


An Affection Undivulged

An Affection Undivulged

[This is my first short story that I will be writing, hope you like it]

Engulfing the serene village surrounding me, I stared at the bright blue ether with soft cotton like cirrus clouds floating by, thinking what I should do early in the morning. It was nearly 9 o’clock and going by the village ways, we had our breakfast by 8 in the morning, which otherwise we would have around 9:30 am. It being a day in the hot summer month of May, I was perspiring even though the ceiling fan did its job with utmost responsibility. I was sitting on the long, rectangular balcony in the front of the house.

Suddenly, I heard the noise of two girls coming into the house from one side of the balcony. One if them was my sister; the other, much elder and darker, was about my age. I had never seen her, but the moment, my eyes settled on her I couldn’t look away. She was busy talking with my sister and didn’t notice me. I stared at her, now engulfing her beauty with my eyes, her small, beautiful face with unkempt hair, her innocence just like the nature, her beauty indescribable, her smile that could melt my heart, her old and dirty dress, her walk, everything made my heart skip a beat. As she passed by and entered the house, my eyes followed her motion. Then suddenly, there was no one and I was all alone. It was as if a dream. So I checked, if she had really come to our home and found it to be true. On interrogating my sister later, I found she was our neighbour and she used to play with my sister. Her name was Riya …

Yes, I did talk to her and sometimes played with her. Every time I touched her hand while playing games like kabaddi, I felt as if I was in heaven. But true, sometimes I even lost the game while cherishing that touch. On the other hand, my parents would never allow such kind of interaction with a village girl due to some gossip that might arise in the village. I was a city boy, she was a village girl. The same thought pained me. I could never divulge my feelings for her. How would she react when she would know about it ? How would I communicate with her? We met only twice a year and there was no others means to talk to her. Electricity had just arrived in the last decade and the villagers were really poor. What would my feelings mean to her? Would it mean direct marriage ? After all, in the backward villages of India, girls are married of by the time they are 18 years old and now we are just 15. My affection for her was more than just affection. But there was no way to divulge them. I didn’t have any option …


I stood at the brightly decorated gateway where it was written “Riya Weds Mohan”. The Wedding ceremony had ended. The bride was leaving, now going to her in-laws’ house. After taking the blessings of all the elders, she was passing by me towards the bridegroom’s car, when suddenly she looked up into my eyes; her eyes full of tears, her face as beautiful as ever, her neck glistening with a beautiful necklace. For a moment, she stared but that stare spoke 3 words I had been longing to tell her the last 3 years, but never could. A drop of tear fell on her cheek, she looked away and went on her way, her path in her life. I stared away towards the bright moon, a drop of tear falling on my cheek …




Today, terrorism is spreading all over the world, everywhere; in almost each country, they are omnipresent in almost every country. Hundreds of lives are being lost everyday and the only advantage is that it is reducing the human population. But, the hundreds of tears that are shed everyday due to this inhuman activity, the many-relatives or friends of the dead who mourn for him dearly, the sorrow that is expressed through this cruel mass killing of humans cannot be justified in any way.

But, everyone knows about all this and I am doing nothing but just expressing everybody’s anxiety, everybody’s feelings. I wrote this blog in order to express how we are spreading terrorism through ourselves, how the social and political system is taking an indirect part in this heinous crime.

Image result for isis

Any terrorist activity occurs due to the grievance of a group of people who think that violence is the only form of protest available to them. Thus, they take to violence and the reason for them to think in this way is due to domination. Every human being wants to dominate others in some field or the other. Just think about the competition in today’s examinations. We all want to dominate other contestants and rank first. Some people who are able to dominate others in the political arena are able to rise to the top and become ministers. In case of a democracy the other parties try to win supporters and contest elections. Even then, those who have grievances like poor peasants or workers and who want to seek remedy often are not able to find help due to the indifference of some government officials towards them. If their grievances are such that they are facing immense problems, then they take up arms and ammunition. This leads to mass killings until the government suddenly finds itself in a weak position and then tries to counter the terrorists. So, there is a need for us to change the government structure and treat these people in an equal manner as we, the rich, want to be treated or in the way, we see these poor people, whom we do not even care for most of the times.

Now in the same example, we see that the government most often replies by countering these forces instead of coming to terms with them. Just think about the Al Qaeda or the ISIS groups who have not only stopped their killing spree but also have continued to spread into other countries and mark their presence. Its as if they say, “We fight for the rights of Muslims and the Sharia law. We will not stop until the world listens to us.” On the other hand, The US or Russia or other governments who call themselves “anti-terrorists” say, “We fight for the greater good. If you wont stop, even we won’t.”

And thus goes on the war. In the meanwhile, the ‘greater good’ is swallowed into the deep fathoms of earth with hundreds of dead bodies of common and harmless people laying on top. This war will not stop until either of the two forces stop. But who will ?

As we go into the modern era of technology, where every day, something new is made, terror is ripping us apart and we like dolls are merely watching or falling victim. The protest should come from us, from the common people or more correctly from the citizens of the countries who are trying to counter the terrorist forces. If they stop, then only will others stop and then will come ‘the greater good’. Every action of all living beings has a reason. And so do the terrorists. Every terrorist group has a root and sadly the US and Russia are responsible for the uprising of many of these groups (talking of international terrorist groups). And their main aim is to drive out these foreigners from their own homeland. Why not show some tolerance towards other humans ?

The other reason why these terrorist groups have continued rising to fame is our unconditional love for religion. And the first thing that will come to any reader is Islam and the ISIS. Well, you guessed it right. While researching, I came across many blogs on this debate (if terrorists are at all religious or not) and found this blog the most interesting and very apt in this context. Even if other terrorist groups are not religious, the ISIS is and their propaganda is to convert every single person to follow Islam and their law. So, where are we at fault ? Well, I answered that already, our love for religion without considering what it teaches us and rationally thinking about how it is pushing our world to more and more darkness, we continue to follow a religion, whatever it maybe. Why not live together without harming anyone ?

Image result for isis

Why spread terror and kill humans ? Why not just live peacefully and do something good for humanity ? Sometimes I think at the end of the day, what we all do, what all the researchers do, what every human being does goes to waste when I see what these terrorists are doing ….



There is No Syllabus for Life

There is No Syllabus for Life

I liked this post very much and so I thought I would reblog this (taking into account my last post was on education). It’s written by Sam Vail and you might as well like it…


This is the huge problem I have with our school system and college nowadays. Kids are told exactly how to succeed from the day they go to kindergarden to when they graduate college. I had a 3.9 GPA in college and I was in the honors program, not because I was the smartest but because I realized that on the first day of class the teacher would give us this thing called a syllabus that basically gave me the roadmap to an A. It wasn’t about actually learning, it was about getting an A. So thats what I would do, I would do exactly what was on the Syllabus and I would get an A. “Wow Sam you are doing such a great job in school!” The problem is we show kids exactly how to succeed from kindergarten on, which tells them that its not ok to fail because we…

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These are some famous quotes on education. But down the years they have remained quotes only. The best one I think is alberteinstein1.jpg

This reflects the true nature of education we receive today.

In today’s world, education has become a means for earning a lavish livelihood; a means to equip for a career or profession. The psychology is that if we don’t get a degree from a college or university we won’t be able to get a good job. And this has become the truth due to the effect of “public psychology” (my own term) whereby the norm is to get a degree by any means and then apply for a job. Of course, you require to earn a living but the main essence and requirement of education has sadly been forgotten by students, parents and even teachers. Nowadays, even teachers threat that if we don’t do what he/she wants (like maintaining discipline or doing the homework in time) he/she would cut marks due to the reason that we understand only “the language of marks”. And one day, in some context I told one of my teachers that we come to school to get education and not marks.

The true need for education is to make one stand for eternal values such as truth, honesty, incorruptibility, love for fellowmen and the country and preservation of family values. Education should make a person not only an learned but also cultured human beings. Education should inculcate good (good as considered by the society in general) values in a person and make him inculcate these values in others. Education teaches us to think rationally and not blindly follow any thing. This is the real purpose of education and this is what educational institutions try to do rather than just learning and learning and learning texts. Aren’t the political leaders or the young adults educated ? Then why are many of them corrupt or why do many young adults entering the terrorist groups rather than fighting for the good of humanity ? This is because what is taught in institutions is not education but just what is in the text books. And the cycle continues….

Besides, many a times what we learn in one year is forgotten by us the very next year since what we did was to learn by heart and not understand and remember them not only for exams but also for many years to come so that we can use that knowledge as required.  It is the unspoken truth that even if one has passed any class in school, he/she might as well fail that same exam if he/she were to give that exam again after 4-5 years without any preparation be it Maths or Science or Social Studies (anyone and I am also apart of this truth). Then the conclusion stands that every year so many are passing the exams but not everyone has the capability to pass an exam which would be of a lower class since many a times the knowledge is just mugged up and then forgotten.

Think about it – Say your favourite food is pizza. And everyday you have to have a whole large pizza, three times a day, with some changes in taste and flavour but altogether, for how many days can you continue this routine ? 1 month ? 2 months ? a year maybe ? And we have to study for about 20 years of our life. Would you like to do the same things over and over again ? Be it your favoutite food or your favourite subject ? On top of that every 3 months you would be asked questions about that thing, like pizza in this example. Like who made the first pizza? What are the basic ingredients ? What size should it be made of ? How should you make the dough ? and on and on … I myself like to study Science but I would sincerely say, it is sometimes very boring to study the same thing again and again for exams. How many parents will ask their wards to watch a movie with them one day or give them a holiday and take them to a trip or just provide recreation and do something fun for preventing the monotony of the same thing over and over and over again?  Almost none. Of course we are allowed to use the phone or laptop for some time but it has also become a part of the periodic cycle of life. I would say my life is such that I can predict the events that will occur in the next two years with 99% guarantee.

However, the psychology should be

Education should be to attain excellence, not success… Success will automatically run behind you. 

We should learn to attain excellence. We should not learn any text because it is in an exam. We should learn it because it will help us to increase our knowledge and know more about this vast universe. There are so many things to know and as we get educated we learn that we are just puny creatures in this vast ocean.

Education was created so that we might know about this vast universe. About a few centuries ago, education was totally different than what it  is today. The churches (not in India of course, here we had other religious temples of learning) used to control what people would learn and it was mostly what was in religious texts. Much before that, when the idea of giving education started it was merely to quench the thirst of children who used to ask hundreds of questions. And think what it has become today !

There is another problem in the field of education. Education must be free for all. But educational institutions have started a monopoly and now we have to learn what they want us to learn. Of course, it is important to know about other subjects which we sometimes might not like but is the current situation (mugging up and vomiting in exams) any better ? The idea of giving education was started so that everyone can know more about this world and quench their thirst but today the problem is everyone has to receive the so-called “education”. If values were really taught (which even our national board is trying but failing) then I wouldn’t have questioned this method. How many are learning good values from education and applying them in real life ? Say, a schoolboy (who dreams of becoming a sportsperson) wants more time for training but he/she doesn’t get it because of his school and exams and all that. Isn’t it injustice that educational institutions and social norms have tied him and not allowed him to become a better sportsperson ? Think about Sachin Tebndulkar, the famous Indian Cricket player. Who would go on to ask him his educational qualifications when he has excelled so much in sports? Then why can’t we allow anyone else to spend all his time for practice so that we get another Tendulkar ? (here I must mention that, receiving education upto a certain age like 14 years is a must, but not more.)

Then comes the question of cheating and plagiarism in exams and projects. There is also a cycle in here i.e. first of all, parents pressurise students to do good in exams and then students in fear of failing cheat in exams and then all teachers do is to blame the students. I have 2 things to say. First, parents and teachers please dont pressurise anyone rather help them and instil a sense of positivity in them. Second, students, there’s no use in cheating, all you do is fool yourself. Say a student passes an exam by cheating from others, then he/she forgets that it was the help from others that helped him to pass the exam. He/she might thank the helper but he/she forgets that otherwise he/she would have failed. Then why not prepare better for the next exams and try to check which questions you couldn’t answer and improve yourself.

I would also like to mention a few problems of education in most 3rd world countries so that everyone comes to know about them –

  1. Inadequate institutions- The first requirement for receiving education is an institution where everyone is free to get admitted to. Here, I must mention that institutions are necessary but should not have monopoly over education. Third world countries do not have adequate number of schools/colleges/universities.
  2. Inadequate teachers- Teachers are second requirement and their number is also not up to the mark in most countries. Besides, good quality teachers are more important than just teachers.
  3. Primary Education- Primary education is much worse than other levels since it is the most neglected (but most important education). Besides, teachers in most primary schools might not have the required qualification. Here, another point I would like to mention is that kids are always thirsty for information, they often ask questions beginning with “why”. However, teachers often get irritated and ask them to keep quiet. We, elders, must learn to be patient and answer their questions in the correct way so that they can ask more and want to know more which will lead to development of not only Science but also the country.
  4. Politics in education – Politics has taken a pivotal role in many higher colleges and universities in India and this has sometimes lead to the degradation of the education system.
  5. Poverty- Poverty leads to parents sending their wards to workplaces and not to schools to receive education. This is because their very little salary is a bread earner for the family. Thus, poverty leads to illiteracy.
  6. Burdensome Syllabus- Sometimes, the syllabus is too much for general students and they end up hating studies. The syllabus must not only be up-to-date but also be precise enough to help the student study systematically. The chapters must present the concepts (talking of Science and Maths) in such a way that the students find them interesting and not boring to read.
  7. Psychological pressure on students (mostly in India)- It is the Indian psychology (still now, but not as imposing as the earlier days) that if you don’t become an engineer or a doctor (that too in the best public colleges) your life is not worth living. This cycle continues until some parents who are rational don’t impose this psychology on their wards. Besides, the added pressure is to be a topper in the exams. What is the use of being a topper if all you would do is to earn a lavish income and forget most of what you had studied ? Besides, there is too much competition among students and all this adds up to high mental pressure which some students are unable to withstand. This pressure must not be allowed on students and we should not compete to be successful but compete to achieve educational excellence from where we can work for humanity.

Thus, the irony that we can conclude is that Education which is used to solve problems is itself a big problem.

The solution has to come from the present young generation, who must strive and bring about changes. There can be some very absurd and utopia-like changes like students becoming education ministers who will look after the standard of education and the grievances of other students. In all, education has some problems to be addressed and we require the attention of elders who will actually understand the problem and help to change the way of education.

At the end, I want you to think about this topic and suggest what change we might require to solve the problems of education (not only list but also the others like receiving education in its truest sense). Besides, I would request you to watch my favourite movie “3 idiots” which not only addresses this issue but also brings out some other issues as well.

Thanks for reading my article, please do comment your ideas and feel free to criticize me rationally.

Science Vs. Religion: Why Science should win

Science Vs. Religion: Why Science should win

I started my blog with the topic Science is truth, It is a philosophy and have continued with the debate Science Vs. Religion. I believe Science can also be a religion to follow, but it’s very different from what we think a religion is. Religion and Science can both fall under philosophies since both have their own ideas. Many people including some researches have argued that science and religion can be integrated. But that cannot happen because their basic philosophy is different.

Science and religion both were born from the same circumstances. 5000 or more years ago, people questioned the reason for various events in nature like why lightning and rain occurs, why do we have day and night and various other questions. Science and religion were born then. One type of people said that they are due to some supernatural beings like gods while another group tried to find various evidences for these occurrences, thus laying the foundation of Science.

Both groups are sometimes wrong, but the difference is the way in which the fact that their theories are wrong is accepted. Those who follow Science, are always ready to change their thoughts if sufficient proof is given and most of their questions are correctly answered by the required change in the theory. But the religious group never accepted the fact that they were wrong until a large number of people forced them to change their thinking and themselves.

The image below gives Science a head start in this debate.

Image result for science vs religion

Think of it. When something related to science is discovered or made or a theory is established, even followers of Religion ask Science questions about the theory or discovery. And the fun fact is that Science answers all the questions gladly and if it is unable to, then it changes the theory or discovery so that most of the questions are answered correctly. This leads to the development of Science and thus Science prospers. On the other hand, Religion tries to subdue any voice that questions it and that is why it has never developed, until and unless, people after thinking rationally (which is another philosophy of Science) try to change it. For example, the then church banned many works of Galileo Galilei ( a great and brave scientist) and tried to suppress him. But till date Galileo is famous since he was the follower of truth, the follower of Science.

People might ask then why some religious leaders are famous. The answer is they have been able to discuss topics which can move people and are very easy to understand for the common people. They were cunning enough to understand what would make people follow them. Still now many people will follow a saint, who is said to have supernatural powers, than to prove them wrong.  Besides, half of us don’t even know what these religious leaders are actually famous for but we follow and worship them blindly. To become famous, the best thing is to do extraordinary (good or bad) and if you’re able to do that then you can become famous.

There are many texts of religion that can be studied and of course they do have some higher ideals but they also spread  false notions like the earth was 10,000 years old or dead bodies coming back to life or about heaven or about deities controlling our lives. There are some people who even believe in all these but again coming back to scientific ideas, if we ask questions then these priests will ask us to believe in these things and not question but on the other hand Science has given proof of the existence (or non-existence) of these notions. Again talking about good values, does Science not teach us the good values ? Yes, it does. From the basic level it teaches us good values. Like –

  1. Science does not create any divide among people on the basis of birth (like colour or race). It has same respect for all people.
  2. Science only believes in facts which have a basis that can be proved through various methods. Thus, it upholds truth.
  3. It teaches us the law of conservation which is in fact a necessity in today’s world. Whereas Religion asks us to slaughter animals in the name of God or give flowers or spend money to do unrealistic things in the name of a deity for worship.
  4. It allows itself to be changed as and when required and does not remain fixed like religion. And that is why Science (which is flexible) is developing while there is no change in religion except when some people with some education try to change the existing religious laws or superstitions.
  5. It allows us to think broadly thus not binding us to think in a particular way.
  6. Any other higher ideal which you can think of and religion teaches us (i will be happy to answer your questions on this matter)

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, inventor of periodic table of elements, had once remarked about his mother, “She knew that with the aid of science without violence, with love but firmness, all superstitions untruth and errors can be removed.”

This is a very strong inspirational quote.

Now, 80% or more people all over the world have some religion be it Christianity or Islam or Hinduism or Buddhism or etc. etc. People don’t follow all kind of religions (they follow only one type, of course), even there are many who don’t even follow a religion. So which religion should we follow ? What is the conclusion ? The answer is we can live without any religion. Religion was made to answer some questions and it has been done incorrectly. Religion is sometimes said to remove some fears (like fear of death) and live happily. But why not just accept reality than live in darkness. Today 80% population follows religion and so darkness is spread over the world. The rest who believe in Science have tried to bring them to light and due to their efforts we have developed a bit.

At the end I will just ask you to do two things –

  1. Don’t be a hypocrite, either work for religion or for Science. Don’t be in the middle.
  2. After reading this, what do you feel ? Who has won the debate?

For me, the answer to the 2nd question is Science is much ahead of religion and has won the debate. But it has not got the respect it has deserved from people since while people use the discoveries and inventions of science, on the other hand they follow religion. Think if Science had not developed then today, the priests would not have been able to sit comfortably in the cold room while it is burning hot outside, there would be no light in churches, all pleasures that we take advantage of today would not have existed.

Science is Truth, It is A PHILOSOPHY

Science is Truth, It is A PHILOSOPHY

Science is the systematic study of anything in the universe about the past, present or future. Science is not just a subject that we study in schools and colleges. It upholds what is the truth and answers the thousands of questions that human beings have. Even Social Sciences (not forgetting Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths) are a form of Science. It is so vast that even exceptionally intelligent human being cannot know every thing under this subject but we can all strive to know even a fraction (even though 370/3 % is also a fraction technically and it is more than 100 % but I am talking about proper fractions). Now, I must tell you that even though you loathe the science being / that had been taught in your school but most things that you use or do are a part of the studies made by Science (think about the thing which you’re using to come across my blog ).And whether you believe it or not but every person on this world (except primitive saints) uses an invention of Science even though he/she is a religious orthodox. Just like more than 80% people identify themselves with a religion, more than 99% use something made by the help of Science, the very opposition of Religion (yes, Science and religion are on two opposite poles in the world of philosophies).

“Science is just not a subject, it’s a philosophy.”

Just like Science is not a collection of facts, Science cannot be disposed as a subject taught in the school or that is a broad term to collect all the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Science teaches us to be honest, humble, caring for other living beings, think rationally and most of the good values that we think are a part of religion. I will describe how Science teaches us a few of these –

  1. Honesty – Many people come up with different explanations but those with enough and correct evidence or proof are accepted; there is no chance of cheating in any way and that is why I say that Science is the truth, it upholds the truth in front of us and never says anything false or wrong.
  2. Humility – Just as I said we can strive to know a few of the subjects under Science, Science is itself such vast that an average person’s knowledge is not even a ripple in this sea of knowledge and this makes us feel very modest and will increase our thirst of knowledge.
  3. Care for other living beings – By studying the various creatures found on this Earth we come to know about their existence and this makes us sensitive to them if we study about them carefully and not just for exams.
  4. Thinking rationally – That’s the basic of Science.


Being Scientific means thinking rationally and efficiently about a question and not just saying anything which you think is true. Think of the Scientific debates and political debates. There’s not even a shout in a scientific debate but there’s more than verbal contact between individuals during a political debate. Scientists are one of the most intelligent but humble people found on this planet (can’t say in the universe). Even emotions are studied by science. Just go to this website (click here) for an insight on why do we fall in love.

Now, Science has its roots from the questions asked by primitive people. Some thought that there are Gods and some gave very beautiful and well-thought explanations. These explanations are the basis of Science and from there we have the divide between Science and Religion. But that is a different issue all together. And I have a different blog altogether for that debate.

Science has never got its due respect from people and the best part is that it does not aspire for that respect. However I would urge you to have some thoughts about this highly unidentified branch of  philosophy. Scientists have never got respect from common people like religious people and they never want that respect. That’s why scientists like to work in their own world undisturbed by other people.

So, I would like to tell all those who are reading this blog that you can still now think rationally about this subject and give me your ideas. I ask everyone to go on questioning and try to get answers from Science so that Science can correct itself, if it at all has any mistake because Science is ever ready to change itself if there is enough evidence. And thus I will also change or edit my own self and my ideas.  benefits-of-effective-questions-800x448-300x168

At the end I would like you to think about a thing – How absurd but wonderful it is that we are using complex things made by using simpler things  which again are derived from more simpler things but it was all (Even the numbers 1, 2, 3…) made up by humans ….

And please do comment and share your ideas with me … thanks for reading my blog.