Life – A 4 lettered word that signifies your whole existence. Amazing… well not amazing, interesting isn’t it ?

It starts all from a competition inside the mother’s uterus, where among millions of sperms only 1 (2 sometimes) gets attached to the egg. (Yeah, this line is copied from the movie ‘3 idiots’, but fascinating isn’t it ?). And then, that small zygote grows into a human being million times its size and by what method ? by dividing and redividing…: Another amazing thing …

Well, you might think I am becoming mad, but that’s the best part of life; see the amazing things of nature even though they seem very natural to you. You are now reading this but think of all the processes that are involved to get this message delivered to you hundreds or thousands of kilometers across the earth. Brilliant, Amazing… Ever wondered about these things ? I have and they are so interesting that sometimes I think how did people even think these things could be made. Even if you know how the processes were made, (and are now considering me to be an idiot) think how difficult it would have been to invent these things 50 years ago. That’s the amazing part of life. We are given the ability to think which no animal can and that’s why every man-made thing that we see now exists.

Now, since you have come into existence, have you ever thought why was I born? What was I made for ? If you have then it’s great. And if you haven’t just pause for 2 minutes and think about it… You might have got an answer (which maybe in the right direction or maybe in the wrong direction) or you haven’t. If you have got any interesting say on this then do write in the comment section. Well, I wrote this post to write what I think about what life is.

Every person was given birth to fulfill certain needs and aspirations. Yeah, there is some need for you in this hugely populated world, otherwise what is the need for increasing the population ? (Of course, one is born when people indulge in sexual activities but that’s not the reason why you were born, that’s the process of how to bring someone to this world for fulfilling some aspirations and needs of the people.)

The first aspiration is that of the parents. Your parents need you at some point of time just like you needed your parents while you were an infant till you grew up into a young adult. The reason for every activity that they do is due to the fact that they care for you. Well, seems like I am giving instructions but just think about it and you will realize the fact. And they are also human beings and so they have also done mistakes just like you, so don’t be angry with them.

The second job that we must do (being a citizen of any nation) is to do something for our homeland. Today, hundreds of young (Indian) adults are going to foreign countries for higher education and jobs never to return again (exceptions are there). Don’t they realize that their homeland had provided them shelter and food and given them the primary education, things which no other country would. So, why not try to do something for our homeland rather than just helping other countries who don’t care about you but want to extract the maximum benefit out of you ? If you say there is no work here, then I say create work. Why should you try to find yourself work and not create fields so that others can work under you. Why be the employee and not try to be the employer for those who can’t create work themselves ? And I have some awesome and inspiring tales of people who became businessmen and who came from a small peasant family.

The third responsibility is towards the earth. Had there been no earth then there would be no life. But we never realize this and are using the resources indiscriminately just for money. And what would be the end result? No life would be able to exist on this earth.

The fourth responsibility is to do something good for human beings, for the society. There are people who live their lives, enjoy every moment and then pass away into oblivion. What’s the use ? There is no greatness in being happy and enjoying life but there is greatness in helping others, those who never got the chance to get benefits like you, those who could become great people but couldn’t because society didn’t stand by them, when they needed it the most (I am talking of poor people). Stand by them help them out and do anything good for humanity.

Well, I don’t want to go on adding responsibilities but I feel that these are the basic things that we must do. The last thing I think to do is to become great. The life cycle of most common people is almost same. No one thinks to do something to be remembered by the people. We give so many tests in our life but the result of the test of what life we led is produced after we die. The number of people who will remember us even after death shows what life we led. Take the example of any great person. We remember him/her after even 50 or 100 or maybe more years. And I must say he has passed the test of his life. One request before ending this post, Please don’t think that being a terrorist would make you famous and become great. Become famous by doing something for humanity.

So, the life awaits you, it yearns to see you become a great person who has his own principles and theories, who thinks rationally, who works to serve humanity and who makes this world a better place to live in. Hope to hear from you and would like to see your comments.


9 thoughts on “Life

    1. Thanks, nice to hear from you again and yeah I remember you. Besides I am not a writer it’s just I wanted to send a message to people. Hope to hear from you … You can check my email if you want; I might reply.


  1. Your writing is very simply n softly outspoken the facts which r very true in ours. You inspire me a lot.Th u for giving this time for others. U r a little master. U sd serve our nation .👌👏✌😊

    Liked by 1 person

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