[This is my first short story that I will be writing, hope you like it]

Engulfing the serene village surrounding me, I stared at the bright blue ether with soft cotton like cirrus clouds floating by, thinking what I should do early in the morning. It was nearly 9 o’clock and going by the village ways, we had our breakfast by 8 in the morning, which otherwise we would have around 9:30 am. It being a day in the hot summer month of May, I was perspiring even though the ceiling fan did its job with utmost responsibility. I was sitting on the long, rectangular balcony in the front of the house.

Suddenly, I heard the noise of two girls coming into the house from one side of the balcony. One if them was my sister; the other, much elder and darker, was about my age. I had never seen her, but the moment, my eyes settled on her I couldn’t look away. She was busy talking with my sister and didn’t notice me. I stared at her, now engulfing her beauty with my eyes, her small, beautiful face with unkempt hair, her innocence just like the nature, her beauty indescribable, her smile that could melt my heart, her old and dirty dress, her walk, everything made my heart skip a beat. As she passed by and entered the house, my eyes followed her motion. Then suddenly, there was no one and I was all alone. It was as if a dream. So I checked, if she had really come to our home and found it to be true. On interrogating my sister later, I found she was our neighbour and she used to play with my sister. Her name was Riya …

Yes, I did talk to her and sometimes played with her. Every time I touched her hand while playing games like kabaddi, I felt as if I was in heaven. But true, sometimes I even lost the game while cherishing that touch. On the other hand, my parents would never allow such kind of interaction with a village girl due to some gossip that might arise in the village. I was a city boy, she was a village girl. The same thought pained me. I could never divulge my feelings for her. How would she react when she would know about it ? How would I communicate with her? We met only twice a year and there was no others means to talk to her. Electricity had just arrived in the last decade and the villagers were really poor. What would my feelings mean to her? Would it mean direct marriage ? After all, in the backward villages of India, girls are married of by the time they are 18 years old and now we are just 15. My affection for her was more than just affection. But there was no way to divulge them. I didn’t have any option …


I stood at the brightly decorated gateway where it was written “Riya Weds Mohan”. The Wedding ceremony had ended. The bride was leaving, now going to her in-laws’ house. After taking the blessings of all the elders, she was passing by me towards the bridegroom’s car, when suddenly she looked up into my eyes; her eyes full of tears, her face as beautiful as ever, her neck glistening with a beautiful necklace. For a moment, she stared but that stare spoke 3 words I had been longing to tell her the last 3 years, but never could. A drop of tear fell on her cheek, she looked away and went on her way, her path in her life. I stared away towards the bright moon, a drop of tear falling on my cheek …



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