Today, terrorism is spreading all over the world, everywhere; in almost each country, they are omnipresent in almost every country. Hundreds of lives are being lost everyday and the only advantage is that it is reducing the human population. But, the hundreds of tears that are shed everyday due to this inhuman activity, the many-relatives or friends of the dead who mourn for him dearly, the sorrow that is expressed through this cruel mass killing of humans cannot be justified in any way.

But, everyone knows about all this and I am doing nothing but just expressing everybody’s anxiety, everybody’s feelings. I wrote this blog in order to express how we are spreading terrorism through ourselves, how the social and political system is taking an indirect part in this heinous crime.

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Any terrorist activity occurs due to the grievance of a group of people who think that violence is the only form of protest available to them. Thus, they take to violence and the reason for them to think in this way is due to domination. Every human being wants to dominate others in some field or the other. Just think about the competition in today’s examinations. We all want to dominate other contestants and rank first. Some people who are able to dominate others in the political arena are able to rise to the top and become ministers. In case of a democracy the other parties try to win supporters and contest elections. Even then, those who have grievances like poor peasants or workers and who want to seek remedy often are not able to find help due to the indifference of some government officials towards them. If their grievances are such that they are facing immense problems, then they take up arms and ammunition. This leads to mass killings until the government suddenly finds itself in a weak position and then tries to counter the terrorists. So, there is a need for us to change the government structure and treat these people in an equal manner as we, the rich, want to be treated or in the way, we see these poor people, whom we do not even care for most of the times.

Now in the same example, we see that the government most often replies by countering these forces instead of coming to terms with them. Just think about the Al Qaeda or the ISIS groups who have not only stopped their killing spree but also have continued to spread into other countries and mark their presence. Its as if they say, “We fight for the rights of Muslims and the Sharia law. We will not stop until the world listens to us.” On the other hand, The US or Russia or other governments who call themselves “anti-terrorists” say, “We fight for the greater good. If you wont stop, even we won’t.”

And thus goes on the war. In the meanwhile, the ‘greater good’ is swallowed into the deep fathoms of earth with hundreds of dead bodies of common and harmless people laying on top. This war will not stop until either of the two forces stop. But who will ?

As we go into the modern era of technology, where every day, something new is made, terror is ripping us apart and we like dolls are merely watching or falling victim. The protest should come from us, from the common people or more correctly from the citizens of the countries who are trying to counter the terrorist forces. If they stop, then only will others stop and then will come ‘the greater good’. Every action of all living beings has a reason. And so do the terrorists. Every terrorist group has a root and sadly the US and Russia are responsible for the uprising of many of these groups (talking of international terrorist groups). And their main aim is to drive out these foreigners from their own homeland. Why not show some tolerance towards other humans ?

The other reason why these terrorist groups have continued rising to fame is our unconditional love for religion. And the first thing that will come to any reader is Islam and the ISIS. Well, you guessed it right. While researching, I came across many blogs on this debate (if terrorists are at all religious or not) and found this blog the most interesting and very apt in this context. Even if other terrorist groups are not religious, the ISIS is and their propaganda is to convert every single person to follow Islam and their law. So, where are we at fault ? Well, I answered that already, our love for religion without considering what it teaches us and rationally thinking about how it is pushing our world to more and more darkness, we continue to follow a religion, whatever it maybe. Why not live together without harming anyone ?

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Why spread terror and kill humans ? Why not just live peacefully and do something good for humanity ? Sometimes I think at the end of the day, what we all do, what all the researchers do, what every human being does goes to waste when I see what these terrorists are doing ….




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