Science is the systematic study of anything in the universe about the past, present or future. Science is not just a subject that we study in schools and colleges. It upholds what is the truth and answers the thousands of questions that human beings have. Even Social Sciences (not forgetting Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths) are a form of Science. It is so vast that even exceptionally intelligent human being cannot know every thing under this subject but we can all strive to know even a fraction (even though 370/3 % is also a fraction technically and it is more than 100 % but I am talking about proper fractions). Now, I must tell you that even though you loathe the science being / that had been taught in your school but most things that you use or do are a part of the studies made by Science (think about the thing which you’re using to come across my blog ).And whether you believe it or not but every person on this world (except primitive saints) uses an invention of Science even though he/she is a religious orthodox. Just like more than 80% people identify themselves with a religion, more than 99% use something made by the help of Science, the very opposition of Religion (yes, Science and religion are on two opposite poles in the world of philosophies).

“Science is just not a subject, it’s a philosophy.”

Just like Science is not a collection of facts, Science cannot be disposed as a subject taught in the school or that is a broad term to collect all the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Science teaches us to be honest, humble, caring for other living beings, think rationally and most of the good values that we think are a part of religion. I will describe how Science teaches us a few of these –

  1. Honesty – Many people come up with different explanations but those with enough and correct evidence or proof are accepted; there is no chance of cheating in any way and that is why I say that Science is the truth, it upholds the truth in front of us and never says anything false or wrong.
  2. Humility – Just as I said we can strive to know a few of the subjects under Science, Science is itself such vast that an average person’s knowledge is not even a ripple in this sea of knowledge and this makes us feel very modest and will increase our thirst of knowledge.
  3. Care for other living beings – By studying the various creatures found on this Earth we come to know about their existence and this makes us sensitive to them if we study about them carefully and not just for exams.
  4. Thinking rationally – That’s the basic of Science.


Being Scientific means thinking rationally and efficiently about a question and not just saying anything which you think is true. Think of the Scientific debates and political debates. There’s not even a shout in a scientific debate but there’s more than verbal contact between individuals during a political debate. Scientists are one of the most intelligent but humble people found on this planet (can’t say in the universe). Even emotions are studied by science. Just go to this website (click here) for an insight on why do we fall in love.

Now, Science has its roots from the questions asked by primitive people. Some thought that there are Gods and some gave very beautiful and well-thought explanations. These explanations are the basis of Science and from there we have the divide between Science and Religion. But that is a different issue all together. And I have a different blog altogether for that debate.

Science has never got its due respect from people and the best part is that it does not aspire for that respect. However I would urge you to have some thoughts about this highly unidentified branch of  philosophy. Scientists have never got respect from common people like religious people and they never want that respect. That’s why scientists like to work in their own world undisturbed by other people.

So, I would like to tell all those who are reading this blog that you can still now think rationally about this subject and give me your ideas. I ask everyone to go on questioning and try to get answers from Science so that Science can correct itself, if it at all has any mistake because Science is ever ready to change itself if there is enough evidence. And thus I will also change or edit my own self and my ideas.  benefits-of-effective-questions-800x448-300x168

At the end I would like you to think about a thing – How absurd but wonderful it is that we are using complex things made by using simpler things  which again are derived from more simpler things but it was all (Even the numbers 1, 2, 3…) made up by humans ….

And please do comment and share your ideas with me … thanks for reading my blog.


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